Leo thinks #5 – Animals of South Africa

Leo thinks #5 – Animals of South Africa 13. January 2016

This is my fifth video of South Africa. I tried to capture the animals I met on my adventure. I have met zebras, cape weavers, penguins, tortoises, baboons and a lot of elephant shrews. It was an amazing time and

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The last night of Chanukah

Yesterday we lit up the last candle on the Chanukiah and I have to admit that this week was a lot of fun. Even yesterday on a rainy day when we watched the Rabbi and his trying to light up

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My 7th Chanukah night – The traditions, that don’t constrain

Last night we lit up the 7th candle on the Chanukiah. We went to a friends’ party in cologne and in the end we were nearly 30 people on approximately 27 square metres, so it was kind of cozy and

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My 5th and 6th Chanukah night

Tanya and Alex had a big Chanukah party at their place and of course I participated a lot. It was a really good party with nearly 50 people, but as always for a good party, you need to have a

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My 4th Chanukah light

Yesterday was my 4th day of Chanukah and we cooked like hell. We tried to make various forms of “latkes”, the potato pancakes (if you don’t remember them, you should probably read day 1 again 😉 ). Normally you fry

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My third Chanukah light – dreideltime

My third Chanukah night was kind of short, because I came home late yesterday, but I want to tell you about dreidel, because it is an important Chanukah tradition. In the times shortly before Chanukah, it was not allowed to

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The second Chanukah light

Yesterday we celebrated the second day of Chanukah. It was really nice and small with three people. We had supper together and then we decided it is time to light up the second candel. At first I had to wear

7. December 2015 kippa

My first Chanukah

I am together with my jewish boyfriend since one year and I get to know new manners of life of an ordinary jewish family, that can be nice or even just really funny. Last year I caught just a glimpse

2. December 2015 Leo thinks #4 – My last two weeks in South Africa

Video: My last two weeks in South Africa

This is the 4th video about my little adventure in South Africa. The last two weeks Alex visited me in South Africa and together we went to Cape Town, Stellenbosch, Mamre, Hermanus, Cape Agulhas and Cape Point. We had an

16. October 2015 citrusdal


As you might have noticed, we moved on to our new location. Here are some shot notes on our stay in Citrusdal. Day 2 I woke up early on a farm called Buffelspad. We arrived very late and our handbreak

7. October 2015 badday

A bad day

Last week we left Nieuwouldtville for Citrusdal. But before going to Citrusdal Petra, my professor, wanted to have a look for Hyobanches on the Gifberg (the local people call it Chifberch) and we drove up there. It was beautiful and

29. September 2015 Leo thinks #3 – Nieuwouldtville

Leo thinks #3 – Nieuwouldtville

This is a visual recap about my time in Nieuwouldtville. You can read about it in an older text I’ve posted.

13. September 2015 workday

An ordinary working day

8 am : We are closing the door behind us. We are very punctual today. Perfect, because we have to represent Germany and I have to speak to Petra about it. She is wearing socks in sandals just indoor so