Tanya and Alex had a big Chanukah party at their place and of course I participated a lot. It was a really good party with nearly 50 people, but as always for a good party, you need to have a good preparation. For that reason we tried the “latkes”-recipe a few times and I had so much of them, that I won’t eat them before next year. I have to admit, that it seems to be the plan behind this ancient tradition of oily potato pancakes, because nobody mentions them, before Chanukah.

Datei 12.12.15, 15 53 06

As always for a party most of the stuff was not ready when the first guests arrived and I was cooking in a messed up kitchen, while everybody came in to say hello. But I have to admit, that it was an amazing party with many old and a few new friends. We want to do it again and we won’t let a whole year pass by for that event, because in the end it was no problem, that not everything was finished. Everyone helped to make it to an evening you like to remember and this is, what it is about, isn’t it? You are not only coming to enjoy a party, but you are part of it, so it is on you too, that others will enjoy the party. Remember it, when you enjoy your hopefully nice Christmas dinner with your family soon. For example we had not to much to clean up the next day, because a few people just helped by cleaning glasses. Under circumstances like this a party is always a good thing. What do you think?