I am together with my jewish boyfriend since one year and I get to know new manners of life of an ordinary jewish family, that can be nice or even just really funny. Last year I caught just a glimpse about Chanukah, therefore this is my first year while I am involved in all the preparations and the celebration itself. In fact I will write honestly about my impression every day and I think it might be fun.

What is Chanukah?

Chanukah is the celebration of light and lasts for eight days. The celebration is about the rededication of the second temple (as far as I know, there were two big temples). After the Maccabeeriots of the jewish people, they were able to win back their temple and they wanted so celebrate it, but the amount of oil, that was available would only last for one day, but to produce new oil would take eight days. As by a miracle the candle burnt for eight days.

My first day

Yesterday we were invited by friends, because one of the traditions seems to be, that you should not celebrate alone with your family. That makes totally sense to me, because the people were not alone, when they rededicated the temple and it was not a familycelebration. When we arrived everybody was busy with laughing and eating oily dishes like fish, potato pancakes, doughnuts and stuff like this. You see, that the oil from the story is taken very literally. When it was dark outside the children lighted up the first light of their Chanukah chandelier and sang a lot. Afterwards everybody ate, and drank and laughed again. Today will be the second candle lighted up and tomorrow I will publish my new thoughts about Chanukah from outside the box.