The journey is about to begin. Five hours before the flight. I am back from the coiffeur, who took my hair radically. Now I don’t have to go anywhere near a coiffeur in South Africa…..lucky me. My bags are already packed and at the university, filled with all my stuff as well as a lot of cameras and a photospectrometer. A  few friends are coming for my last breakfast in Germany for the next three month any minute and will bring me to the airport to say good-bye. Right now I am really excited, but slightly nervous as well.. My South African adventure will be my biggest journey so far and I will travel around the west and south of this beautiful country. Am I prepared? ABSOLUTLY NOT, because it would mean, that I would have any clue, at least a little knowledge, what South Africa will be like, that I don’t have. South Africa is like a new person, which I eventually will become friends with, but who knows. At least I like new people. But first things first. Today I will flight to Dubai, so maybe I will worry about South Africa tomorrow, or maybe never. Cheers.